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Restalia is the leading organised restaurant group in Spain. It is also present in 10 other countries: Italy, Portugal, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Chile and Colombia, through its flagship brand 100 Montaditos. It also operates the brands Cervecería La Sureña and TGB The Good Burger in Spain.

In just 18 years, Grupo Restalia has become a reference in the world’s food service sector thanks to the success of 100 Montaditos, Cervecería La Sureña and TGB.

In all, the company has more than 700 restoration units around the world and the goal of reaching 1000 restaurants in operation for 2019.



To become the leading Spanish organised restaurant group in the world.



We seek to offer safe and simple investment options for those who are looking to open their own business through the franchise model and be a part of our consumers’ lives.



Innovation, quality, democratising gastronomy and leisure, internationalisation, employment and equality are our company’s core values in addition to responsibility towards our franchisees.


The development of innovative concepts within the restaurant sector is one of the group’s pillars. Knowledge of consumer habits among different types of publics and our capacity to adapt along with specific investments and personnel for innovation make us able to create all-new concepts that are more and more on target and less spaced out over time.


The quality of our gastronomic offering is one of our main concerns. We always seek to find the best raw materials, the tastiest recipes and the healthiest combinations. Because of our large purchase volume, we can maintain high levels of quality all while offering consumers very competitive prices. We use quality Spanish products whenever possible.

Democratising gastronomy and leisure

One of the company’s fundamental objectives is to bring gastronomy and leisure opportunities to people in all ranges of buying power. That’s why our offerings are known for a very good quality/price ratio to make them affordable and competitive all while carefully looking after the atmosphere, design and quality.


Part of our reason for being is becoming the leading Spanish organised restaurant group in the world which means internationalisation is one of our main business lines and one of our main areas of development. The success of 100 Montaditos in different countries has consolidated the brand internationally and opened up the path towards internationalisation for the group’s other brands.


Creating jobs is one of the company’s key commitments. In 2016, the group’s brands created 1900 jobs in addition to the more than 7000 the company already provided.
Invigorating local economies by creating new jobs is a part of the Restalia growth model.


Equality on the job is part of the company’s essence. Equality between men and women and equality in including the disadvantaged and minorities in the workforce under the same conditions as the majority.

Responsibility towards our Franchisees.

Our franchisees are a fundamental part of our business model; therefore, all of the actions we take are aimed at maintaining and improving their profitability and the strength of their businesses. We always act responsibly with their investments and in their interests, considering their needs and opinions in our decision-making processes.

Restalia around the World.



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