100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos, a concept that revolutionized the restaurant sector in Spain and which continues crossing borders with a presence in 11 countries.

The story began back in the year 2000, on a small beach in Islantilla (Huelva), as an all-new, simple, easy-to-operate concept with very Spanish ingredients and a great variety as well as a fun way to order; it was a combination that became a great success.

Why are we so special?

After just 18 years in operation, 100 Montaditos has conquered the market with both consumers who view it as a “love brand” as well as investors as it has become a driver concept – a brand that brings people street side or to shopping centres, wherever one is located.

The success of our concept.

Its Mediterranean origins and the combination of leisure and gastronomy make 100 Montaditos the most successful on the market. The fresh oven-baked bread, the coldest beer, the laid-back atmosphere and the low prices this franchise offers consumers have turned it into the restaurant franchise par excellence.

Economic conditions

Entrance fee + Costs of preparing the premises

Contract term
10 years

Entrance fee