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La Sureña

La Sureña

Cervecería La Sureña started out in 2010 in Islantilla (Huelva) as an innovative dining experience: platters accompanied by buckets of small beer bottles to be enjoyed in a quiet setting full of fun and full of life that brings the spirit of southern Spain to its patrons.

cerveceria la sureña
la sureña

What makes Cervecería La Sureña

The gastronomy of southern Spain is its trademark and cultural point of reference. Coming to Cervecería La Sureña means sharing a bucket with friends, enjoying a platter in good company, or simply letting time go by while delighting your palate with first-class ham.

cerveceria la sureña
la sureña

Life without sharing
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With more than 100 locations, Cervecería La Sureña is the business model most sought after by entrepreneurs, particularly by the self-employed interested in opening a dining franchise.

Cervecería La Sureña is tantamount to quality and a relaxed atmosphere thanks to its southern gastronomy: platters accompanied by small beer bottles.

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