Cervecería La Sureña

Jump in and open up your own Cervecería La Sureña. It seems like it’s just a bucket, but it’s really a lifestyle.

The South is calling you – the sun, the sea breeze, the feel of sand on your feet, a bucket of bottles of cold beer and succulent portions of food to share with friends. Opening a Cervecería La Sureña franchise is about being able to disconnect from all the worldly noise as this is how life is in the south of Spain – peace, noise-free, enjoying every little moment of life… This is the way of life for the people from the South. And now you can find it all anywhere in Spain as each restaurant is a little piece of the South.

Why are we so special?

The best gastronomy from Southern Spain in small portions, accompanied by buckets of bottles of beer. It’s a completely innovative means of consumption which revolutionized the sector back in 2010 when the franchise La Sureña began operations. And it’s all served in a peaceful, relaxed yet fun and lively atmosphere which takes guests on a journey to enjoy the real flavours of the South.

The success of our concept.

This franchise now has a hundred locations which makes it the most highly in demand by entrepreneurs. Especially by the self-employed who turn to the franchise business model and, in this case, a restaurant franchise. This is why Cervecería La Sureña is the key to many entrepreneurs’ franchising success. The Cervecería La Sureña brand currently has more than 100 locations in operation.

Economic conditions

Entrance fee + Costs of preparing the premises

Contract term
10 years

Entrance fee