Corporate Social Responsability

Restalia has become socially committed.

The group started out as a small family-run business but has now been a leader in the organised restaurant sector in Spain for nearly a decade. Our commitment to excellence in all areas of the business and good corporate governance are two of the pillars of the company’s business operations. And this is why developing corporate responsibility policies is a priority for the executive management.


Restalia is a member of SERES.

Restalia has been a member of SERES, a foundation for responsible companies and societies, since 2016.  The aim is for companies to have a more relevant role in improving society with responsible actions that are in line with the company’s strategy and which generate value for everyone. Joining SERES was a step forward in including CSR in executive management strategic decision-making processes.

Fundación SERES


Inserta Forum.

Restalia has been a part of the Inserta Forum through a collaboration agreement since November 2015. The company made a commitment to hiring 150 handicapped people throughout its network of restaurants within 5 years. 2016, which was the first year of the agreement, ended with 26 such hirings. This Inserta Agreement is part of the ONCE Foundation Talent Programme which is co-funded by the European Social Fund. Thus, the company has joined this arena for meeting and debate created by the ONCE Foundation to share experiences on integrating the handicapped.



More women, better companies.

In 2017, Restalia joined the “More women, better companies” initiative set up by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. Signing a collaboration agreement to implement measures within the organisation to promote equal opportunities and promote women in business is a clear example of Restalia’s commitment to female talent.

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Good Corporate Governance.

The Grupo Restalia Compliance Department works to prevent, detect and correct any regulatory breach that may arise within the company (of the law, Code of Ethics or internal rules) and to instil a culture of compliance based on ethical principles and responsible behaviour.


Healthy lifestyle habits.

Restalia is committed to disseminating healthy lifestyle habits among consumers. At the end of 2015, the company signed the HAVISA Plan with AECOSAN (the Spanish Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition Agency) and Fundación Alimentum.  It’s a collaboration agreement to develop a plan to foster healthy lifestyle habits among the Spanish population through communications in various outlets and at points of sale. The plan seeks to promote a healthy diet and regular physical exercise in accordance with the NAOS Strategy.