The Compliance Department works to prevent, detect and correct any regulatory breach that may arise within the company (of the law, Code of Ethics or internal rules) and to instil a culture of compliance based on ethical principles and responsible behaviour.

At Grupo Restalia, we follow the principles of honesty, legality, transparency and ethics when doing business.

These principles and how they apply to our business operations are reflected in a Code of Ethics which is of mandatory compliance for all group employees, franchisees and suppliers.

This is why the Board of Directors has ratified an organisation and risk management model that includes surveillance and control measures known as our Prevention Programme. The purpose is to prevent any breach of any regulation or the Code of Ethics in all areas of the business.

Code of Ethics.

The Grupo Restalia Code of Ethics is the fundamental standard that outlines all of the company’s general guidelines of action. They’re rules based on the principles of transparency and good corporate governance.

It’s a manual that must be complied with by all Grupo Restalia employees, management and members as well as suppliers, customers, auditors and partners. No internal rule or any company action may violate the criteria outlined in this standard.


We can improve with your help.

In order to facilitate our control work, we offer an email address to employees, customers, suppliers and franchisees where they may report any regulatory breach or unethical action. All senders will always be treated confidentially.